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Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, Laos
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Romania, Hungary, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia
Латинская Америка
Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Uruguay,

Facts we are proud of

Key steps
Global development
Turnover growth

Key specialization: scientific software provisioning. Partnership with Microsoft. Marketing innovations

Countries of presence :

Regular free seminars. Training center. Distribution business.

Countries of presence :

Consulting. A joint venture with Microsoft, Solutions Center. Establishing Axoft as a standalone distribution company

Countries of presence:

Softline Consulting Services An HR consulting business unit — Softline IT Employment. Technical support, outsourcing, software audit

Countries of presence:

Softline Venture Partners foundation, Softline Linux Solutions, web communication center, Oracle CRM business, DeskWork (an in-house product)

Countries of presence:

Establishing the Softline Services Department and the SaaS store. Electronic distribution, custom development, venture projects.

Countries of presence:

Becoming one of Top-7 private IT companies in Russia (Forbes). $60 mln raised as mezzanine financing

Countries of presence:

More than 1,000 service projects. Acquisition of Compusoftware company, Brazil.

Countries of presence:

Acquisition of Russian unit of Insight Group. Purchasing the antivirus distribution platform integrated with telecom operators

Countries of presence:

Softline purchases control interest in the Infosecurity Group. Partnership with Global IT Alliances brings numerous contracts with global customers worldwide. Softline reconfirms ISO:9001:2015 compliance.

Countries of presence:
Costa Rica
> 1,000

Softline is a Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Solution Provider with $1.19B turnover. Further acquisitions planned.

Countries of presence:
> 1,500
USD mln

Turnover, mln USD, forecast until 2022, by lines of businesses

USD mln
Software and license

Softline — Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity Solution Provider

Softline unites more than 4800 employees all over the world.
We are ambitious and creative. We are very different, but we share something common, the desire to move forward and win!

We are congratulated by

Marc Reefman

Business Developmet Manager, Cadena

Sunil Kumar Singh

Regional Indochina CIO, Coca Cola



Igor Mushakov


Phan Hoai Nam

Head of IT, VUS

Viktor Bespalov

Vice President and CEO of PLM

Dmitry Kornev

Partner Sales Manager Intel Russia

Anna Ponomarenko

Partner Business Manager Veeam Russia

Roman Schmakov

Vice President of Schneider Electric IT Division

Anna Smolyanitskaya

Commercial Sales and Channel Director at HP

Dmitry Karpenko

CIO of Obuv Rossii

Our strategy and tasks

Softline is a leading global IT solution and service provider operating in the markets of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, America, India, and South-East Asia. The company helps clients undergo digital business transformation and protects them from cybersecurity threats.

Our long-term strategy includes international expansion, IPO in 2019
and increasing our business every year by 25%+

Main parameters:

Russia / non Russia
Services / non Services
Cloud / non Cloud
Russia / non Russia
Services / non Services
Cloud / non Cloud

We are open to dialog

Vyacheslav Bylina

CEO at Novacom Group

Dmitry Shirshov

Quality Director

Aleksei Butakov

Director for Regional Corporate Accounts

Shvoeva Marina

HR Director in international business-units

Nikolai Tsallagov

CEO at Mirapolis

Vitaly Grebeniuk

Head of the Infrastructure Management Department

Vladislav Kotusov

Chief Operations Officer

Artem Tarakanov

Global Chief Financial Officer

Andrey Melnikov

Head of Security Department

Oleg Tremzin

Director for Corporate Accounts

Sergey Suvorov

CEO at Soft Logistic

Elena Shedova

Chief Marketing Officer

Igor Petlyakov

CEO Softline International

Elena Volotovskaya

Vice President for Investments

Igor Borovikov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ruslan Belousov

General Director Russia

Chernovolenko Sergey

Global CEO

Maksim Karamyshev

General Director at Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Irina Krivenkova

Head of the Service Directorate

Alexandr Firsov

Director of the Federal Sales Center

Mikhail Pribochy

CEO at Axoft

Vladimir Razuvaev

Director of the Business Consulting Department

Natalia Likhodievskaya

HR Director

Alexandr Pavlov

CEO at Aflex Distribution

Irina Kuznetsova

CEO at Videobaker

Viktor Algazin

Regional Business Director

Gennady Sashin

Head of the Legal Department

Oleg Tyagunov

CEO at ActiveCloud

Svetlana Illyicheva

Director of Innovation Projects

Vyacheslav Bylina

CEO at Novacom Group

Nikolai Tsallagov

CEO at Mirapolis

Irina Kuznetsova

CEO at Videobaker

Svetlana Illyicheva

Director of Innovation Projects

Industry leaders work with us


private, public,
hybrid clouds


full spectrum of IT
service and solutions


licensing and subscription


hardware delivery

What do our employees say about Softline?

Shirko Evgenia

Shirko Evgenia

Manager of Delivery Department

The time when I started my probationary period was not easy, because we have a lot of deliveries before the New Year. But I have passed it without any troubles because I had good tutors. I love to work in a big company, like the friendly atmosphere and interesting tasks.

Имя Фамилия

Rostetsky Vitaly

Account Manager for Corporate Clients

In my opinion, Softline has the best motivation system in the region now, as you have unlimited revenue growth potential. I work in a friendly team of professionals and interesting people. With colleagues, we share a common approach to achieve the placed goals. I always know who to address and which action will be the following. The opportunity of professional and personal growth thanks to comprehensive training is a positive feature when working at Softline.

Aleksandr Aleshin

Aleksandr Aleshin

Account Manager for New Clients

Starting to work in the company was not easy, because I tried to give it all in any task, be it learning, preparing pitches, business training courses, training methodology. I want to show my managers that they made the right choice when recruited me. My goal is to achieve the highest professional results in the company.

Mukhamatyarov Rustam

Rustam Mukhamatyarov

Account Manager for Large Corporate Clients

It’s a pleasure working in a well-known international company with more than 25 years on the IT market. Professional and friendly teammates help you develop, and you can always share your practice and have all the conditions necessary for this! Strategic thinking and support that executives share, help building relations and create a team! We can’t do without creativity in our job – and our management understands and supports this.

Aleksey Polevoy

Aleksey Polevoy

Head of the Key Bid Group

What’s driving me is ongoing growth and development of the company, its’ scales, and fields of activity. The environment that makes me feel like a part of the company, inspires me to grow and develop with it.

Pavel Puchkov

Pavel Puchkov

Head of SAM business

My job is my hobby, I immerse in it and love it with all my heart. It is a hobby that you want to work more and more on. I would like to highlight the following features of our company that inspire me.

It is the love of top managers for their work. This energizing attitude is conveyed to subordinates.

It is the corporate agility and rapid changes in accordance with the market situation.

It is the recognition of the company in the labor market of Russia and even abroad. It pleases me to realize that colleagues from top global companies consider you a peer.

It is the high proficiency of executives. These people punch through walls, break the stereotypes, give a lot to achieve the result and always inspire.

Development of the corporate culture of our company. Based on my 10-years’ experience, I would like to state that Softline has changed a lot: the environment has become more stable and comfortable for employees.

A lot of communication that does not make you tired and helps to continue doing the things you like with the same energy as 10 years ago.

The colleagues from various business units and the company as a whole are the most important motivator. It is important to understand who you work with.

The opportunity for development and fulfillment of your professional ideas (including those that lie beyond your subject domain).

Wide geography of Softline presence opens the possibility of personally meeting colleagues in other countries and cities.

It is very important for me that Softline is a company with Russian background, with good old corporate traditions and good attitude to employees. A company that proves foreign colleagues and market players that Russian business can develop very fast.

Pavel Zhuravlev

Pavel Zhuravlev

Stability and strong ground on the market are strong benefits for me as well as the human factor: people that work here are very responsive and professional! There are almost no red tape and unnecessary approvals. Usually, any issue or decision can always be easily pushed and approved.

Corporate executives maintain open door policy, well-thought and distinct solutions, easy-to-understand directions and tasks. The salary is fair and highly competitive!

Marina Pulyaeva

Marina Pulyaeva

Deputy Head of the External Procurement Division of the Procurement Department

A large global IT company, reliability and prestige. An opportunity for professional growth and development. Competitive salary. Communication with colleagues in offices abroad. Worthy working conditions. The sound principles of the company. Friendly teammates. Professional and competent top management. The company's desire for innovation.

Valeria Larina

Valeria Larina

Analyst of the Telemarketing Department of the Federal Sales Center

The lines of business of my company comply with my personal involvement: my job goals are really interesting to me. Social responsibility both for employees and beyond. Other reasons are stable payment of salary, health protection, helping employees in critical situations, charity.

Softline respects employee personality, rights, and opportunities, supports corporate spirit (office parties, tourist trips, sports events) and positive atmosphere. The schedule and vacation planning are flexible. I always have opportunites to achieve new positions and prospects in the company thanks to personal efforts.

Yulia Golubeva

Yulia Golubeva

Softline Enterprise Solutions Client Director

I’ve passed the probation with full support of the HR department and colleagues from Softline. My experience and support of my colleagues have helped me to become part of the team and start active work on new projects.

Evgeny Varfolomeev

Evgeny Varfolomeev

Head of Hardware Sales Department, 25 years in Softline

Using cutting-edge technologies in work. Reliable and stable work of business software. Prompt resolution of the current tasks that require approval with other business units. Prompt internal technical support. Employee proficiency. The opportunity to solve work issues promptly with managers and colleagues. Help from colleagues (no matter do you know them personally or not). The ability to address top managers on issues, on which you are unable to make the decision yourself. The ability to make suggestions to improve the work of the company and make the work of employees more convenient.

Webinars that keep you informed about new technologies. Additional training opportunity. Individual approach of managers to any employee. Career growth. Convenient workplace. Official salary. The opportunity to receive official bonuses that are directly linked to personal performance. Payment for mobile phone.

Employee benefits. Voluntary medical insurance policy. Additional financial assistance from the company. Mutual support. Work in an international company with a globally-acclaimed brand. Confidence in the future.

Andrei Telny

Andrei Telny

Head of Marketing Group of

Work in an international company with a globally-acclaimed brand. Fast business pace, responsibility for the entrusted tasks.

Work among professionals which you can rely on.

It is important to see what you work for and understand that the result brings profit not only to the company but also to its clients.

Interesting tasks, the ability to use in your work everything that is required to achieve your goals.

The atmosphere within the company helps you learn something new and use it in your work.

Aleksandr Firsov

Aleksandr Firsov

Director of the Federal Sales Center,
15 years in Softline

In 1998, I graduated the Department of Autonomous Aircrafts in Bauman Moscow State Technical University. My education lasted for 6 years, and after that, on the 7th year, I started research work in the department and received the software development engineer specialization.

What has motivated me for these 15 years that I am working in Softline?

The things you do must bring you pleasure.

In Softline, ambitious people and high-qualified experts surround you. Only such a team can guarantee the success of a common cause.

Many graduates name such companies as Microsoft, Apple, Google as the place of their work. But Softline is the real place where employees can learn to work with the companies mentioned above, pass training, ride the crest of the latest information technologies and use them in everyday work.

Softline grants you the opportunity of continuous training, personal growth, and career development. And the most important thing is that your growth руку depends only on yourself, on the quality of your work.

High-qualified top management: Softline is unique in that all the executives, including the heads of directorates and the business, owner have a very good knowledge of IT, and many have a specialized technical education.

Softline has one of the best motivation models in the market. It is very important when the effort you put into your work and your performance are valued by your company.

No boundaries for business development: during 25 years of its existence Softline not only created offices in large cities of Russia and countries of the CIS but also opened its offices in dozens of other countries. It is very pleasant to be a part of such a successful team.

The opportunity to help clients in the digital transformation of their business: we do not just use cutting-edge technologies in our daily work, but also grant access to it to the maximum number of our clients.

Softline has one of the strongest information security teams in Russia. As the role of digital technologies in all fields of our life increases, so does the need to protect data from theft, targeted attacks, and fraudulent actions. All these things are ensured by our specialists.

25 years ago, Softline was founded as a software company. During this time, Softline has been able to pass the journey from software provider to global IT solution and service provider. Now it provides clients with access to state-of-the-art technologies, such as cloud infrastructure, the Internet of Things, hardware-as-a-service solutions, and many other offers.

Besides software and hardware sales, our company undertakes the tasks of implementation and technical support of its clients, training them in certified education centers, and solving all IT-related tasks that our clients face.

The best employer: during all the years of its existence, the company overcame several periods of economic recession in Russia, being able not only to retain its staff but also to expand it.

We work with companies and investments. Softline Venture Partners is a corporate venture fund of Softline Group that invests in operating IT projects and helps them advance to the sustainable growth phase.

Charity. This is a very important factor. In its desire to attain the leading position in the IT market, the company does not forget about people. From year to year, the company organizes campaigns for supporting orphanages and impoverished families. We also help the families of our employees in times of hardship.

The company cares about the employees’ health. We do not just pay for medical insurance: we promote healthy lifestyle, fitness, support the participation of our employees in various sports events.

Nadezhda Baryshnikova

Nadezhda Baryshnikova

Project Manager

The probation period for me was very easy despite the fact that this is my first place of work. From day to day, I became more and more involved in my work and I felt like a part of a team. Elena Senechko, my mentor, supported me in all issues (and still continues to support).

Three months passed very fast, and I even did not notice how I became part of a team of professionals.

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